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We Provide a Thorough Electrical Inspection in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

When electrical issues arise, getting your electrical system inspected it's essential. An electrical inspection is the best way to ensure your home is electrically safe since it reveals potential problems and avoids costly repairs.

Our experts at Bright‌ ‌Energy‌ ‌Solutions‌, LLC provide electrical inspection services in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, and the surrounding areas. When you call us, we’ll visit your home to inspect and test your electrical system and ensure everything is in suitable condition for further use.

Providing Unbiased Inspections

We follow a general safety electrical inspection checklist to keep track of various aspects that must be checked during our visit. In addition, we do rough electrical inspections. A rough inspection is needed when all branch circuit wiring and outlet boxes are installed before the wiring is hidden by insulation, vapor barrier, drywall, etc. This inspection confirms that all cables are installed, strapped, and supported as required, the condition of outlet boxes, bonding connections, and more.

Learn More About Our 1-Year Warranty

Schedule a home electrical inspection in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, and get to know the condition of your electrical system or identify defective electrical work. We offer a 1-year $90 membership that includes free home inspection and a 1-year warranty for parts and labor! Call now to speak with one of our qualified electricians!

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Get cost-effective solutions and save money on energy bills with our assistance. Call (561) 402-9937 to engage with a team of expert technicians.

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